Hi everyone, I'm HARRY LOUIS, a Brazilian boy raised in Europe, and currently living in London, a city i've adopted as my own. I'm also a model and an actor on the gay porn industry. Have worked with the top UK companies such as Men At Play, UKNM and also for the top US companies such as LUCAS Entertainment and Kristen Bjorn.

I'm a 24YO guy, really down to earth and my best quality is to love… I love to love anything or anyone… I'm a really anxious guy (i think that would explain why i came out on the 8th month on my mum's pregnancy, lol), but day by day we learn new things and how to control such moods…

I love a great movie (not porn), music and my best skills are on the kitchen! Yeah, i love to cook and bake, and also love to host dinner parties at my place and have my closest friends around. I'm really the kind of "hommie" guy, and my best friend ever is my mum. She's the coolest, nicest and honest mum in the world. I'm really blessed to have her by my side, and supporting me all the way, in everything i do. Well, i could talk about her for the rest of the day, but let's get back to business..

I would like to welcome all of you to my brand new official blog, where you'll be able to catch up with me thru my days, and you'll be getting updates of what i'm doing, new jobs, or simply a holidays with my family. I'm also delighted to announce that in few months my brand new website/company will be up and running and take note that www.harrylouis.net it will be a huge hit! Something never seen in porn before, something daring that you may love it or hate it, but for sure it will be a big statement and a big change to the porn industry. Hope you all enjoy the brand new blog, and i would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans and people that supported me thru this years of career . WELCOME TO MY WORLD! HARRY LOUIS